CT Simulation

CT Simulation

A CT scan simulation is needed prior to prostate cancer treatment to do an accurate treatment plan.  For your convenience, the scan is done at the Partners For Urology Health facility.

CT Simulation: Preparing for Prostate Cancer Treatment

The simulation is easy and takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish. This will be the reference CT scan for your prostate cancer treatments. A scan is done with you laying in the exact position you will be in for your daily treatments. For prostate cancer treatments, it is beneficial to have a full bladder in order to push a greater percentage of the bladder out of the radiation fields.  The CT scan is completely painless, you will not feel anything during this procedure.  One thing your technician will ask you is to remember to hold still but breathe normally. There will be images taken every 1.5-2.5mm throughout the area that will be treated. This information is then transferred to the treatment planning computer where the Dosimetrist and Radiation Oncologist draw in all necessary structures needed to be treated and or avoided.

Three tattoo markings will be made on your lower abdomen and hips. These will be permanent but are the size of a small freckle. These will be used each day as we position you in correct alignment for your prostate cancer treatment.