The Calypso system allows us to target the radiation at the tumor at all times.  When the radiation oncology technician knows exactly where the prostate is at all times, they can direct the radiation at the tumor and avoid contact with healthy surrounding tissue. 

During treatment, the prostate moves on its own. A cough, a sneeze, a change in bladder or bowel fullness, or the amount of gas in the colon all can have an impact on movement of the prostate.  With the Calypso system  continuously targeting the prostate is possible like never before.  During treatment if your prostate should move out of alignment, we know about it right away. We then make position adjustments so it is in the correct position. In fact, every tenth of a second we receive a signal telling us of the location of the prostate.

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The Calypso System helps doctors deliver maximum radiation directly to the tumor while avoiding healthy surrounding tissues and organs.